EGP Energy Solutions is a leading Australian commercial solar company assisting business to reduce their exposure to excessive and increasing energy costs. We provide first class custom designed solar solutions, specialising in commercial properties, providing exceptional standard of installation and customer service.

Commercial Solar Solutions Perth & Melbourne

We provide a team of specialists to design, build, install solar panels, as well as service and maintain energy solutions for businesses which will decrease your overall consumption of electricity, reducing long-term utilities expenditure, adding significant property value along the way.



Solar Panels

When it comes to our products, we only settle for the best.



The heart of any solar PV system, the solar inverter converts the DC energy generated by the solar panels...


Led Lights

Our complete range of LED products is built to meet the highest Australian standards and provide a minimum...


Air Conditioning

In this age of soaring energy costs and environmental concerns, it is essential that you have an air conditioning system that is practical...



There is no doubt battery technology is the way of the future…


Network Metering

The MeterView™ online platform, suite of reports and visual dashboard have been developed with the combined expertise...


System Monitoring

Keeping on top of your solar energy system is paramount to ensuring efficiency and minimalising operating costs.


Energy Audit

We offer all businesses a fully comprehensive Energy Audit Service which enables us to inspect, survey and analyse your commercial energy usage...



Recently introduced and highly attractive Government incentives, in alignment with all-time record low interest rates...

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Since Australian businesses can’t avoid spending money on energy consumption, our expert team which specialise in commercial solar power system installations are here to help to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs - leading to higher profits and revenue. As a leading company in Western Australia, our services focus on solar PV, well as commercial solar installations, LED lighting, air conditioning and embedded network metering.

Can We Help You

We’d like to think we can help pretty much everyone but let’s get technical for a moment and classify what our ideal commercial solar systems customer profile looks like. In summary, EGP Energy can help your Australian business save thousands on your energy consumption if you;


Are a business with
available roof space


Trade during
daytime hours


Live where the
sun shines