Tired of expensive energy bills?

About Us

We are a proudly West Australian-owned company focused on empowering businesses throughout Australia with renewable energy solutions. As a specialised commercial solar provider in Perth our company mission is centred around saving businesses money on their energy consumption, whilst contributing towards a healthier, more sustainable future through reduced carbon emissions.

Who we are

Our network of Australia-wide resources and relationships have been built on a foundation of trust, loyalty, quality of service and best practice products, securing your future energy profit.

With years of experience within the team, we have both the drive and the expertise to help any business with available roof space, be it a corner store or multi-million-dollar construction. We offer unmatched value to our clients through a variety of services and products which enable us to analyse your business metrics and energy profile to establish solutions that reap financial and environmental rewards.

What we do

Our team of expert energy specialists work with businesses to audit, build, install, service and maintain advanced energy solutions which lead to reduced energy usage. Our business model is centred around installing and implementing high-quality solutions that generate results, through a variety of products including commercial solar PV, embedded network metering, low energy heating/cooling systems, as well as LED lighting installations and maintenance.

We supply clients nationally with high-quality energy systems that generate positive return on investment within a short outlay of time, enabling businesses to be supplying their own renewal energy within just 3 years post installation. This presents a notable cost saving to business and we are of the mindset that savings equal revenue – meaning our impact on businesses is purely focused around helping businesses grow their profits and reduce their operating costs.

Working with us means...

  • reduced company energy expenses by up to 70%
  • improved efficiency in your commercial energy consumption
  • world class renewable energy systems and future proofed assets
  • a boosted corporate, social and environmental responsibility
  • premium service from licensed, experienced and passionate professionals.

Energy audit

Unique to EGP Energy Solutions is our Energy Audit service which enables us to visit your premises to measure, analyse and identify smarter methods of your company’s energy consumption. We use innovative systems and technology to ascertain ways of reducing costs without any additional investment over and above your current expenditure.

Part of this service includes a snapshot of your building’s green features and opportunities to introduce new equipment that will lead to energy reductions, lower operational costs and an improved overall bottom line. We are also mindful of impact on building designs, costs and deadlines and always ensure we work closely with building professionals to ensure we have full compliance with the ever-changing landscape of energy efficiency regulations.

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