It’s simple...

Savings = revenue


How much can you save by switching to Energy GreenPower?

Whilst each client saving differs depending on usage and equipment, we have helped clients achieve energy savings of up to 70%

How long does it take to start seeing energy savings?

You will see savings almost immediately after the installation of our premium level energy solutions equipment. Whilst each company has differing regularities with their energy bills, clients should see an instant saving on the first bill they receive after our installations.

Do I need my own energy farm?

This is the fastest way to make immediate savings from reduced energy consumption. Monthly savings should more than cover the monthly repayments of the energy farm systems meaning a positive cash-flow scenario. We cannot recommend it enough.

How long does it take to pay off your system completely?

Upon installation, or EGP Energy systems can be paid off within 3 years, enabling clients to be paying for their energy in next to no time.

Do you do residential installations/fit outs?

No we only focus on businesses due to an abundance of service providers in the residential space. Our bread and butter is supplying business installations across an array of industries and sectors.

How does it all work?

We use the very best in innovative technology such as solar photovoltaic cells for electricity generation, LED lighting, embedded network metering and low energy cooling/heating systems to dramatically reduce electricity usage.

Are your commercial systems licensed?

Every single one of our commercial installations is fully licensed and complies with increasingly complex energy efficiency regulations. As a trusted commercial solar provider in Perth we have a close working relationship alongside building industry professionals which enables us to deliver quality results, whilst minimizing the impact on building designs, costs and deadlines.

If we are a small business, can we still benefit?

Absolutely, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. As long as you have available roof space, operate a business predominately within daylight hours, we can assist you in saving money on your energy bills.

Which parts of Australia do you service?

EGP’s established network stretches throughout WA, VIC, QLD, NSW, SA and NT, as well as some remote areas on a case-by-case basis.

What is a Green Star Rating?

Launched in 2003, the Green Star rating system is Australia’s only national (voluntary) rating system for sustainable buildings, fit outs and communities, measuring design, construction and operation.

Why do we need to worry about our company’s sustainability/green star rating?

Because our built environment is currently the world’s single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and also consumes around a third of our water, and generates 40% of our waste.This is why we feel so strongly about sustainable energy solutions that improve the corporate social and environmental responsibility of Australian trading companies.

Are your energy audits free/obligation free?

Yes, completely free of charge and no obligation.