Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit will provide you a snapshot
of your building’s green features,
giving you the ability to determine where
to make changes and gain maximum savings.

We offer all businesses a fully comprehensive Energy Audit Service which enables us to inspect, survey and analyse commercial solar needs for Perth businesses, identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements, leading to energy savings. At EGP, we believe that savings equal revenue, and as every business uses energy, we are committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint, whilst also saving money on their energy bills.

Whilst two of our main focuses are centred around energy savings and reducing corporate carbon emissions, we are also focused on reduced energy input without negatively impacting the building’s outputs. Whenever our team visits a site, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, whilst having minimal impact on building’s themselves.

Innovative technology such as Solar photovoltaic cells for electricity generation, LED Lighting, Embedded Network Metering and low energy cooling and heating systems will dramatically reduce your electricity usage. We work alongside building industry professionals to comply with increasingly complex energy efficiency regulations, while minimizing the impact on building designs, costs and deadlines.


Throughout our countless years in the business, we have attributed a proven track record of successfully identifying opportunity for energy savings, and it’s something we feel privileged to offer businesses who are willing to listen.

We differ from most energy auditing companies in the way we go about things. We welcome your call to show you exactly what we mean.