Take back control of your electricity spend
and start producing your own energy
rather than purchasing it.

Historically businesses and families have not invested in these innovative technologies, simply because of the high upfront cost and long payback periods. However, recently introduced and highly attractive Government incentives, in alignment with all-time record low interest rates and associated payment plans, now provide businesses a rare opportunity to install their own energy farm, for less than they are currently paying for monthly power bills.

Creating a ‘cash flow positive’ scenario for your business

EGP Energy specialises in managing Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and other finance solutions such as leases and loans. We aim to create connections within the solar and energy efficiency industry which help our partners grow their business opportunities, ultimately leading to customers’ savings. We offer specialised services to ensure solar systems and energy saving equipment are cash flow positive from the moment they are installed.

So how does the financing work for our products?

Commercial Rental

Under a commercial rental agreement, the customer rents equipment from our associated finance provider. The customer may use all the power produced by the equipment for as long as the rental agreement lasts. Monthly rental payments are a fixed amount and do not depend on the amount of power the system produces.

A major advantage of the commercial rental agreement is that monthly payments are typically 100% tax deductable as a business expense, making this arrangement highly tax effective. At the end of the rental agreement term, the customer may make an offer to purchase the equipment for two monthly repayments. There is no obligation to buy the equipment at the end of the term.

PPA vs. Buying Solar

When you buy a solar power system outright, you also own the responsibility of keeping your system working well. When you choose to get solar power under a Power Purchase Agreement, we take care of all the hassle and will be responsible for any repairs and maintenance.

Since you only pay for the power the solar system produces, it’s in our best interests to keep it working properly. We will remotely monitor your solar power system to make sure it is continuously producing what it should. This means we can identify any problems quickly and arrange servicing if required. If your panels don’t produce what we say they will on your customer agreement, you’ll simply pay less.