At the heart of any solar PV system is the solar inverter,
which converts the DC energy generated by the
solar panels into Commercial AC power.

An inverter also has built-in safety controls, emergency shutdown features and provides monitoring information about the performance of your system. When exploring energy efficiency solutions with clients, we stand by our partners below who help us reach consistent energy savings for clients looking to increase energy efficiencies within their businesses.


A leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralised and renewable energy supply of tomorrow, with more than 5000 employees in 21 countries. Unquestionably the world’s leader in solar inverters in terms of volume and quality.


Global powerhouse – “Fronius” an Austrian inverter manufacturer has been developing and innovating power electronics since 1945. Fronius is an expert in controlling and monitoring energy across three divisions: Welding, Battery Charging Systems and Solar Electronics. Global experience combined with strong local support thus ensure premium quality and reliability.