LED Lighting

We provide a host of long-term
LED lighting solutions for a variety of
companies throughout Australia.

We offer comprehensive lighting audits and LED analysis to ascertain ways of boosting lighting performance and identifying areas of potential energy savings. We also help businesses realise the value in switching to LED whilst outlining the ways in which it can help reduce the overall bottom line energy expenses of your corporation.

Our team of experts have a proven track record in
managing LED lighting retrofits from beginning to end
regardless of the size of your business.

We have worked with single site facilities, up to multi-million-dollar roll outs, meaning our products are matched to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our full-service approach is centred around convenience where we can handle everything from the analysis stage, through to installation and servicing, meaning we are the complete one-stop-shop solution for businesses wishing to switch to LED lighting.

A minimum saving of 50% on energy usage
compared to conventional lighting

Our complete range of LED products is built to meet the highest Australian standards and provide a minimum saving of 50% on energy usage compared to conventional lighting. We have full control of the entire manufacturing process and delivery service. We are capable of providing custom products due to our engineering teams wealth of experience, and deliver our quality products at a very competitive price as we cut out the “middleman” and supply to you direct.