Energy savings lead to…the finer things in life





Dave and Jules Dye

Perth 3MW, Prestige Vehicle Showroom & Service Centre




“At Perth 3mw over the past 18 years we have seen a massive  increase in our electricity cost and could only see that there was more to come so meeting Darren and seeing the opportunity of savings with solar was fantastic. The system has now been up and running and we wish we had done it years before. Darren was so right, the savings are incredible. We look like the system will be fully paid for in less than 3years and then free power not to mention helping the environment.


From signing up through to completion we were fully informed of the processes and what stage we were up to. The installation was fast , efficient, neat and tidy  and the lads never once got  in our way as we went about our business. Thank you team and as we have done already told people that you are the best commercial solar business in Perth and we will be sending many more  people your way.”

Sev Caratti

Mirage Spray Painters & Panelbeaters



“We were so impressed with the professionalism and help from all concerned that we did not bother to obtain quotes from other companies. Our power consumption since our renovations has increased but the electricity bill is much lower then previously. The account for the Faulkner Street address is also quite a bit lower.

We have no hesitation in recommending EGP to any company or individual wishing to make use of their services.”


Ian Morris

Air Quip, Sheetmetal

“Energy Green Power were very patient to answer all our concerns before we went ahead with the solar installation, once we signed the document things were taken care of for us, from planning to installing to dealing with Western Power, it was all done very professionally and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Dr Robert Davies

Baldivis Vet Hospital

“The whole pre-approval and installation process was excellent surpassing our expectation with respect to ease of approvals, installation and appearance of the finished product. Mr Gary Dunn was fantastic, he organised everything including the necessary approvals and finance. The whole project ran like clockwork.
The panels were installed over a 48 hour period and ahead of schedule. The earlier installation meant we were able to harvest more of the spring sunshine and offset our electricity costs. The installation occured during a busy time of the year and the whole process was seamless. The transition from mains power to solar energy was as easy as a flick of a switch on the solar panel inverter. I am happy to recommend Energy Greenpower.”